Among all the production facilities that give DFL has a strong backward linkage, there is an embroidery production facility too. The factory houses a total of a whopping 6 production machine offering different categories of embroidery services. At the facility, all the machineries are originated from Japan. The brands of these machines are Tajima respectively. The aggregate production capacity is 20,000 pieces per day on an average.

Some of the different types of embroidery services being offered are, Normal stitching embroidery, Applique embroidery, Sequin embroidery, Chenille embroidery, Tapping embroidery and Cording embroidery.

Embroidery working floor Area – 6,000 Sft

Capacity – 20,000 pieces per day

Capacity of Work-
•Tufting Embroidery
•Tapping Embroidery
•Coding Embroidery
•Chenille +Tapping Embroidery
•4 Color Sequin Embroidery
•Tapping+Coding+Sequin Embroidery
•Sequin+Basic Embroidery
•Print+Sequin+Chenille Embroidery
•Flat Sequin+Chenille Embroidery
•3D look Embroidery
•Plain Embroidery