The Cost Advantage:
Globally, Bangladesh is one of the least expensive countries for garment production due to low cost labor, high industry motivation, government incentives, zero import cost for garments accessories needed and various other factors. These cost advantages can be utilized in gaining price and quality advantages to give the best value to our customers.

The Technological Advantage:
Our technological setup for garment production and support services is one of the most advanced in the Bangladesh. Machines have been imported from the Japan, China and Europe countries in all areas of our production. Each machine is handpicked by our finest industrial engineers who ensure quality and productivity.

The Quality Advantage:
Quality is one of our most important objectives. We strive to deliver our products not only in a timely manner but also with the highest quality possible. Our consistent upgrades and improvements with the changing times ensure that our products exceed customer expectations every time. Our skilled workforce has been trained thoroughly to ensure quality is achieved for every order. All our products go through a rigorous quality check and approval process to further ensure production quality is maintained.

DFL is always welcoming in new international standards and compliances measures set by International Agencies as well as our customers. DFL maintains a professional culture that abides by an ethics, employee standards, industry standards, and legal compliances. Our business growth is directly transformed into reality within these compliances.
Safety Compliance:
DFL follows rigorous safety compliance for the safety of all our employees as well as for the safeguard of company resources. Our safety regulations include fire safety, movement, worker health and safety and various others
Legal Compliances:
DFL strictly maintains the legal compliances set by the Government of Bangladesh as well as the demanding compliances set by our customers throughout the world.