We are among the best knitting industries of Bangladesh and only manufacture the best quality garments for our clients. Over the years our quality products and reputation have created a strong business relation with the world’s famous clothing brands like OKAIDI, CAMAIEU, DISNEY, PIMKIE, MIM, LIDL, KWINLET, ADLER, VALECUATRO and many more. We use the latest technology, energy efficient machinery and environment friendly production process to deliver the best quality to our clients.

Knitting is a process of converting yarn into fabric. DFL Knit fabrics are usually more flexible, soft and elastic. At South Asia Textile we pride ourselves in providing high quality knit fabrics by using the best machinery with the latest technology, taking the time to select the finest quality yarns and ensuring quality controls are in place throughout the manufacturing process.

We manufacture both single- and double-knit fabrics ideal for apparels, swimwear and lifestyle.

Our range of knit fabrics includes 100% cotton, cotton/polyester and spandex.


This is the process of applying colour to fabrics to give it its vibrant appearance. We cater for small and large scale dyeing services and have the ability to match your colour requirements. Based on your requirements, we will select the type and method of dyeing. We also house an inventory of already dyed fabrics that you can select from. Upon request we can provide colour samples.


This is the final stage in the production of fabric, after the knitting, dyeing or printing, where certain processes and treatments are undertake on the fabric to guarantee it fulfils the requested requirements. This stage generally involves, making the fabric crease free, water repellent, anti-static, softening and so on as requested. Since customer satisfaction and quality assurance are of the utmost importance to us. We will ensure that the final product accurately reflects the functional requirements.