DFL is proud to be one of the leading textiles & garments manufacturers of Bangladesh. Since our journey our continued success now has expanded our territories. Our technological setup for garment production and support services is one of the most advanced in the Bangladesh. Machines have been imported from the Japan, China and Europe countries in all areas of our production. Each machine is handpicked by our finest industrial engineers who ensure quality and productivity.

Industrial effluents contain various materials, depending on the industry. Some effluents contain oils and grease, and some contain toxic materials (e.g., cyanide). Effluents from food and beverage factories contain degradable organic pollutants. Since industrial waste water contains a diversity of impurities and therefore specific treatment technology called ETP is required.

DFL commitment to the environment can be gauged from the fact that we seek to meet all the legal norms. Taking for instance the establishment of ETP & WTP because for us, nothing is more important than the maintenance of pollution-free environment. DFL established ETP & WTP to meet the standards for emission of pollutants set by the Government & avoid heavy penalty and as well as to reduce expenditure on water acquisition.

We have set up huge power generator to supply uninterrupted power internally for smooth production. We are not dependent on government’s grid when it is the issue of power. So, we can ensure a constant pace of production to meet client deadline and quality. We have four integrated power generators to build a robust power supply for nonstop production.

We recognize the importance of managing fresh water use and water discharges in our manufacturing process. And we aim to reduce our energy use by introducing energy efficiencies into our operations.

We have five generator which total capacity is 3,360 KVA. With these we depend on ourselves to continue smooth production.